Frequently asked questions

From now on you can be sure that all information is always structured, organized and always to hand:

  • General animal data
  • Activity history
  • Food and snack plans
  • Care Plans
  • Weight history
  • Body measurements
  • Vaccinations and deworming
  • Treatments
  • Medication
  • All contacts
  • Document filing
  • Emergency function
  • PetAid Friends (Social Media)
  • Read-only access for sitters
  • Internal mail system


The PetAid® app is the "must have" for all pet owners who love their pets!

All kinds of domestic animals as well as horses and other animal species can be created.

The PetAid app is a web app and can therefore be used on all end devices without downloading it.

The app can be used in every country. You can use the app in German or English.

1. Desktop / Google Chrome - Storage on the desktop home screen: Enter "" in the address bar. On the right side of the address bar, click the "Screen with arrow down" icon. Then click on "Install".
2. Android devices - Installation on the home screen: Enter "" in the address bar as soon as the page is loaded, click on the 3 dots at the top right and then click on Install app. In the window that opens, click on install again. In the next window click on "add automatically".
3. Desktop / Safari - storage on the desktop home screen: Enter "" in the address bar, highlight the address bar in the browser => hold down the Alt key and drag the mouse on the desktop and release it.
4. iPhone / iPad - Storage on the home screen: Enter "" in the address bar. Click on the "square with the arrow" at the bottom and then add to the "Add to Home Screen". click.
Now there is an icon with the PetAid app on the home screen.

Caution! Unfortunately, Safari does not support this service. With all other browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox etc.) you will receive a notification as long as the browser is open in the background.

The notifications - both via the browser and by e-mail - are sent 24 hours and 1 hour before the commemoration event.

As a PetAid user, you can decide when registering to which of the organizations you would like to donate. It is very important to us at PetAid to integrate a social aspect into the app and we have decided that 5% of your subscription package will be donated to animal welfare, nature conservation or the protection of the oceans.

At PetAid, we take care to work with selected and verified organizations. If you want to change the donation goal over the years, please press the "Feedback" button in the menu and send us an email.

PetAid GmbH strictly adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Mandatory data that must be entered are marked with an * asterisk. All other data and information can be entered immediately, at a later date or never and changed at any time.

With read-only access, it is possible for a pet sitter, friend or family member to have access to all necessary information such as feeding plans, care plan and media actions without being able to change it.

Assigning read-only access is as simple as this:
1. If the "Read Only Person" (i.e. Petsitter) does not have a "PetAid" account, the "Read Only Person" must first register in the "PetAid" app before proceeding. The "Read Only Person" does not need to acquire a "PetAid Subscription Package" after activating that account.
2. The only piece of information needed to share with you is the "PetAid E-Mail Address", which must be forwarded to you by the "Read Only Person". The "Read Only Person" does so by going to "Personal Settings", writing down their "PetAid E-Mail Address", and passing it on to you so you can create a contact (under your contacts) with the "Read Only Person's" information. It's important that you add the "PetAid E-Mail Address" as the E-Mail Address of the contact.
3. Go to the dashboard and edit the "General Pet Data" of the pet you wish to provide read-only access to after you've set up the "Read Only Person" contact successfully. At the bottom of the form, click on "link Pet to Sitter", then choose the "Read Only Person" contact and confirm the dialog.
4. You'll find a list of read-only access pets for each contact at the bottom of the page. You can disable read-only access here, whenever you wish.

What is the fire button? – Emergency function?

The emergency function (the fire button) is required if your animal has an accident - emergency, or if you need all the important information about the last treatments, medication administered and emergency contacts (doctors, poison center, clinics) very quickly.

By pressing the button and selecting the relevant animal, a PDF containing the most important information is automatically compiled. You can send this by e-mail, save it as a PDF or print it out.

In the event of an emergency, you need to act quickly with the right information at hand.

Under Edit general animal data, you can move your animal to a new owner, export data, delete animal, report animal as deceased or link your animal to a sitter (read-only access).

If you report your animal as deceased, it goes into animal heaven. There you can access all data about the animal at any time, but you cannot change anything afterwards.

Payment is made after the 14 days trial period. The payment data and a choosen package are mandatory when registering with PetAid. After 10 days you will be reminded by email, that you will be charged after the 14 days trial. Until then you can quit the registration at the "Personal Settings".


You can always change your payment data under "Personal settings" under "Manage subscriptions". To do this, you will be redirected to the page of our payment service provider Recurly Inc. You can also download your invoices there at any time. As soon as you are finished on this page, please press your name in the top right corner and click on "logout" to log out safely!


After you quit the registration within the 14 days, you will no longer be able to edit or view the details of your animals and all the data will be deleted after the 14 days. There will always be a one-time debit for a whole year in advance.


The PetAid app is ad-free and therefore requires payment. It is important to us at PetAid that you can enjoy the app without ads.

You always pay a year in advance. As soon as you decide to cancel your subscription, your entire PetAid account will be deleted at the end of the next year. Before that, you can export your data from the app. The cancellation must be made 1 month before the end of the year, otherwise the subscription will be automatically renewed.

You can upgrade at any time. The difference will be charged after the upgrade. The donation partner remains unchanged.

Sie können jederzeit ein Upgrade veranlassen. Die Differenz wird nach dem Upgrade verrechnet. Der Spendenpartner bleibt hierbei unverändert.

You can delete your account under your personal profile. Please note that if you delete your profile, all data, both your personal and animal data, will be deleted from the PetAid App. Before that, you can export all data from the app.

To do this, "multiple file download" must be activated in the browser settings.

Upon registration you will receive an email from If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder. If you click on Forgot your password, you will receive an email with a verification link. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder.

No, it is not necessary to generate your own email address. When purchasing the app, a "PetAid" e-mail address is automatically created for you exclusively in the PetAid app, regardless of the subscription.

You can reach us at

If the page with your payment details and invoices cannot open, please deactivate the pop-up blocker as follows:
iPhone / iPad - Safari:
1. Open the settings of your device
2. Select the Safari tab
3. Disable "Suppress pop-ups“
iPhone / iPad / Android devices - Google Chrome:
You will be shown on the screen a pop-up wants to open, which you can allow there.
Desktop - Safari:
1. Click on Safari in the menu bar, then select Preferences
2. Select the "Websites" tab
3. Select "Pop-up window" at the bottom left
4. Click on the drop-down menu at the bottom right "When visiting other websites“ and choose - "Allow“
Desktop - Firefox:
1. Open Firefox on your computer
2. Click the menu button and select "Settings"
3. Select the Content - "Privacy & Security" section
4. From there, go to the "Pop-ups Permissions" section and uncheck Block pop-ups